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  • Penny M. Stein is a strong manager with well-honed abilities that include operations, property and project management, procedural and staff development, purchasing and vendor sourcing. 

    She is focused on reducing costs by effectively managing resources to optimum capacities or abilities with an eye on achieving customer satisfaction, exceeding department objectives, and meeting organizational goals.

    An analytical and creative professional, Ms. Stein has a proven record of accomplishment managing critical business functions that increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve service delivery. 

    She is adept at analyzing ongoing business requirements to formulate cost-effective solutions and present outcomes in various analytical formats.

    Ms. Stein is skilled at initiating cross-functional collaboration to facilitate and implement core program deliverables by building alliances, creating trust, negotiating stated needs, and managing the process.

  • Strategic Planning • Operations Management • Staff Management • Property & Project Management • Process Development • Marketing • Writing • Quality Assurance • Productivity Improvements • Contract Development & Negotiations • Contractor Hiring & Management • Budgeting • Cost Reduction & Avoidance • Qualitative & Quantitative Analyses • Customer Service & Customer Relationship Management